World War II front-line nurse, author Mildred MacGregor dies at age 100

( Mildred A. MacGregor, a World War II front-line nurse who published a memoir about her experiences treating soldiers from the Battle of the Bulge and victims of a Nazi concentration camp, has died. She was 100.

Mildred A. MacGregor.jpgMacGregor was part of the 298th General Hospital, a unit of medical professionals from the University of Michigan Hospital. She helped save the lives of soldiers at the Battle of the Bulge as well as victims of the Buchenwald concentration camp. 

MacGregor passed away peacefully on Feb. 13, according to an obituary published on

She became a lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corp. and as part of the Third Auxiliary Surgical Group in WWII, was stationed in England, North Africa, France and Germany. MacGregor was stationed in Africa during much of 1943. In 1944, 10 days after D-Day, she arrived on Omaha Beach, where she nursed wounded soldiers.

Her memoir, “World War II Front Line Nurse,” was published by the University of Michigan Press in 2008 when she was 95. The first-person history of her wartime experience includes stories of a difficult trip through the Sahara and surviving dangerous air raids.

The book also includes tales of heroism and letters from her family and fiance.

She was born Mildred MacGregor in Detroit on Nov. 2, 1912 and came to Ann Arbor in 1930 to attend the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital School of Nursing.

She married Robert K. MacGregor after the war and raised three children, Elizabeth (Rick) York, Robert (Radka) and John (Peggy). She is also survived by nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

MacGregor sent letters to surviving members of the 298th every year on June 6, the anniversary of D-Day, and returned to France on the 50th anniversary in 1994.

A memorial service is planned for MacGregor at the First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor at a later date.