Woman Poses As Nurse, Tries To Steal Newborn In Tote Bag

Woman tries to steal newborn in tote bag

(Babble) Every parent’s worst nightmare.


Not only kidnapping, but someone trying to steal your baby hours after you’ve given birth.

It happened in Southern California when police say a woman dressed in hospital scrubs tried to steal a newborn baby in a tote bag.


48-year old Grisel Ramirez was dressed in nursing scrubs when she was busted.

She apparently went to the mother’s room and told her to take a shower before the doctor came to examine her. That’s when police say Ramirez put the newborn in a tote bag and took off. According to Yahoo, sensors attached to the baby alerted hospital employees. A hospital staffer then stopped Ramirez from leaving with the baby.

Can you imagine someone stuffing your precious newborn into a hospital bag and making for the exit?

Lt. Jeff Nightengale of Garden Grove police won’t say exactly what kind of security system Garden Grove Hospital uses but says that when a sensor attached to the baby crossed a line in the hospital the alarm went off. Many hospital wards have similar security systems in place in maternity wards.

Ramirez was caught as she was trying to get out of a locked door. Police don’t have a solid reason for why Ramirez tried to take the baby. She has apparently raised her own family and has lived undocumented in the California area for at least twenty years.

Police have also determined that Ramirez has been casing several hospitals in the Southern California area. They say she walked into an Anaheim hospital last week and questioned a pregnant woman who became suspicious and contacted authorities. Investigators have found no history of mental illness in the woman.

The baby is okay and has quite a story to tell her friends throughout the rest of her life. I feel for the poor mother. Giving birth is tough enough but I cannot fathom kicking off motherhood with an attempted kidnapping. Kudos to an alert hospital staff!