VNA Employees “Give Back 2”

( VNA California professionals, staff and volunteers are known for being active contributors to their communities through numerous outreach efforts. Whether facilitating support groups, participating in walks or collaborating on Meals on Wheels programs, VNA California is dedicated to providing the resources needed to support and maintain quality of life. VNA California recently raised nearly $20,000 in donations to support the non-profit’s outreach programs during the We Give 2 Campaign. 

During the month of July, VNA California employees chose among three community outreach programs – Camp Erin, Mourning Star and Charity Care for their annual giving campaign. Camp Erin and Mourning Star provide bereavement support to children and teens through a weekend summer camp and various group and individual activities, while Charity Care provides Hospice, Palliative and Home Health care services assistance to people without health care insurance or the ability to pay for these critical services.

“We are very proud of our outreach efforts and the participation of our employees and staff,” commented Mike Rusnak, CEO of VNA California. More than 225 employees participated in the campaign, marking a 50 percent increase from a year ago. “This continues to demonstrate that that quality starts from within,” he concluded.

In addition to community programs, employees had the option of designating a donation to an employee Hardship Fund. In place since July 2005, the fund has assisted 243 requests and paid out almost $100,000 for unexpected employee challenges, including $7,734 to-date in 2012.