Virtual nurse to promote hand hygiene

(Nursing Times) The holographic nurse, known as Jane, will welcome visitors and play a key role in maintaining patient safety by raising the awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene.

Acting as a concierge for the hospital, it will also provide information about facilities and key patient contacts.

Joe Harrison, chief executive of Bedford Hospital, said that the virtual nurse, which was funded through charitable donations, was introduced following the findings of the last national inpatient survey.

The holographic image is designed to increase the visibility of infection controland hand hygiene messaging in order to reduce the rate of infectious diseases including norovirus (winter vomiting) entering the hospital.

The virtual nurse was modelled by matron Jane Daniel. She said: “I feel privileged to be asked to take such an important role in promoting hand hygiene throughout the hospital, as it’s so important that visitors to the wards use the hand gels and sinks provided to stop the spread of infection.”