UPMC Faces More Charges of Unfair Labor Practices

(Beckers Hospital Review) SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania said it will file complaints with the National Labor Relations Board against University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for alleged unfair labor practices, according to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report.

UPMC resolved previous complaints with the NLRB in February. Under that settlement, UPMC agreed to rescind policies that barred employees from discussing possible unionization in non-patient care areas. It also pledged to have UPMC managers and supervisors take part in labor law compliance training. 

In its latest allegations, the SEIU claims UPMC is retaliating against staff members who support union organizing efforts, according to the report. Specifically, the union claims UPMC has disciplined or threatened to discipline more than 17 employees for demonstrating support for the union and fired two employees for their union activities.

UPMC has denied the allegations, and a UPMC spokesperson said the system “will vigorously contest the new allegations when filed with the NLRB,” according to the report.