The Continuous Evolution In Nursing Careers

(MNT) For those wanting to be part in the 2.5million nurses who represent one of the largest healthcare workforces in the US, according to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the first step is following CNA training courses.

CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant and it is the most primary form of nursing. Almost anyone can do it.

Some CNA programs last from 5 weeks to a couple of months and attendees can practice right after receiving the graduation diploma.

More information can be found by directly accessing online sources such After graduating from a Certified Nursing Assistant program, opportunities may arise for those who wish to go a step further.

Those who do not wish to continue studying and prefer working as nursing assistants on a long-term basis have nothing to fear or regret. Being employed in a Home Aides Agency gives nursing assistants the opportunity to work for as many hours as they wish and for as long as their clients agree upon.

The best part of becoming a CNA is the flexible program: anyone who follows a nursing assistant path can work during the hours they want. Many of them can even choose for themselves the appropriate time span for working hours. No matter what their future career choices may be, once applicants finish the Certified Nursing Assistant training sessions, they can rest assured.

LPN – Licensed Practical Nurses

Before becoming a Registered Nurse (abbrev. RN), potential nurses or nursing assistants are required to enter a CNA to LPN training program.

LPNs are Licensed Practical Nurses who work under the supervision of a registered nurse [RN] and are partially responsible for the actions of CNAs during their working hours.

CNA to LPN programs are available in every state, so anyone eager to move forward can sign up as soon as they obtain their CNA degree. The courses are more difficult than those of a CNA program. However, there is no such thing as an unfamiliar topic for trainees who already practice nursing assistance.

The training sessions last for about one year and a half and work opportunities can be found soon after graduation.

Licensed Practical Nurses are only needed in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities due to economy drops. Nowadays, hospital facilities are hiring fewer LPNs in comparison to the ’90s. The good part is that those who work in official medical facilities before starting the CNA to LPN program have a higher job assurance rate and can even get tuition fees paid by the company.

RN – Registered Nurse

While some prefer working as CNAs for a longer period of time, many start their own path in becoming a Registered Nurse.

Both CNAs and Registered Nurses are surrounded by working opportunities, on different paychecks. It is the step that leads people in accomplishing a career rise-up. In any case, it is highly recommended that trainees practice nursing assistance for at least one year before continuing their studies.

Many find the experience gained as CNAs as being very supportive in their future careers. So what does being a Registered Nurse mean? It means having CNAs and LPNs under your supervision.

Salary And Compensation

Salary rates usually grow along with gained qualifications. It is highly recommended that these qualifications are written on the applicant’s resumes.

While CNAs only earn around USD $27,000 per year, as a LPN you can earn up to USD $40,000 per year.

You will find that each of those eighteen months of studying will eventually pay off starting from the moment you pass the final exams and hold your diploma. From this point on, applicants are one step further from a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and two steps closer to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN).

People who choose to obtain their degrees as CNAs, LPNs and RNS can rest assured, due to the fact that they have already entered one of the best social and medical labor fields.

Medicine and health care combined offer tremendous career perspectives and future possibilities.

After all, we live in world where nurses, nursing assistants and doctors will most probably always be needed.