A day in the life of … a student nurse

Alex Collyer

(The Guardian)No two days are the same for student nurse Alex Collyer who used to work for the ambulance service.

Life as a student nurse means that no two days are the same, whether it’s clinical placements, lectures, presentations or simulated practice. It’s varied and challenging but that’s why I enjoy it. [Read more…]

98% Of Nurses in UK Admit To Lying To Dementia Sufferers: How Ethical Is A False Reality?

(Medical Daily) The slide into dementia is slow and painful, for those suffering directly and the loved ones on the periphery who must provide care while watching a trove of memories gradually erode. Patient care works inside this delicate balance, but going against the wishes of the Alzheimer’s Society, nearly all nurses in a recent survey reported telling the occasional white lie to avoid patient bereavement. [Read more…]

NHS nurses may be asked to work until age of 68

NHS nurses may be asked to work until age of 68

(Top News) In order to avert a looming staffing crisis in the NHS, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is looking into an option to ask nurse to continue serving in the hospitals until the age of 68.

As many as 200,000 nurses are set to hit the age of 60 and retire in the next few years. [Read more…]

Specialist nurses vital to lung cancer battle – UK report claims

A report by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the National Lung Cancer Forum has urged the NHS to protect the jobs of nurses who specialise in lung cancer, saying more are needed to increase the life expectancy of people with the disease.

Less than 10% of the 40,000 people diagnosed with lung cancer each year will live longer than five years. But the report believes lung cancer nurse specialists are vulnerable in the face of NHS budget cuts, which could make the survival rates even lower. [Read more…]

Thousands of nurses cut from the NHS: official figures

(The UK Telegraph) The figures show that there were 349,219 nurses, midwives and health visitors in April 2012 despite government pledges that front line services would not be hit.

The figures were released as a study by Southampton University found that nursing numbers has a direct effect on the quality of patient care and can put patients at risk.

A survey of 3,000 nurses in 31 NHS trusts carried out by Southampton University and King’s College London found that vital tasks were left undone on wards with fewer nurses, putting patients at risk, the authors said. [Read more…]

Can nurses reduce health inequality?

(NursingTimes.com) Can nurses reduce health inequality?  Two recent studies have highlighted persistent problems with health inequalities in the UK.

A study presented at the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) conference identified that patients with bowel cancer living in the most deprived areas are 24% less likely to survive than more affluent patients. The researchers found that 9.6% of the most deprived patients died within 30 days of having surgery compared with 4.2% in the most affluent group. Patients living in poorer areas are more likely to die within five years of treatment. [Read more…]