Docs say more nurses, PAs not a cure-all for rising health care costs

(BizJournals) Family physicians say simply increasing the ranks of nurse practitioners and physician assistants will serve as a magic cure to health care costs or impending doctor and nurse shortages. [Read more…]

Program gets nurses in school and back to work

( Nothing like a recession and its lingering aftermath to deflate a dream.

Cutting back on hours as a medical secretary to juggle work, raise a family, and pursue her associate degree in nursing seemed like a good idea to Marianne Pecora in 2006, when her husband, a construction worker, was getting plenty of work. [Read more…]

Flight nurses have vital role

(C-N) Capt. Danielle Werner, a 2008 graduate of Lakeview College of Nursing, recently graduated from the U.S. Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation Formal Training Course and earned her wings as a flight nurse.

Course evaluations for this program were overseen by former Rossville resident, Maj. Gary Hardy, who is a 1999 graduate of Lakeview. [Read more…]

Veteran nurse pays it forward

(Record Bee) When Kristy Hosford began the Mendocino College Nursing Program, she had no idea how the program and the people she would meet would change not only her life, but those of everyone involved in the nursing program. [Read more…]

Nurse graduate inspired by memory of daughter

(Valley Morning Star) Madison Randolph was a ball of energy with an adventurous spirit.

On Friday, her mother Gina delivered the salutatorian address at the inaugural pinning ceremony for the Registered Nursing Program at Texas State Technical College. And much of the strength Gina needed to get through her speech she drew from her late daughter. [Read more…]

School nurses from across state visit North Whitehall Township school

(Lehigh Valley Live) More than 165 school nurses from 62 school districts across the state are visiting the Lehigh Valley this week.

The Lehigh Career and Technical Institute is hosting a two-day conference today and tomorrow for nurses from elementary to high school levels. [Read more…]

Advanced Practices Take Nursing Career to Next Level

(OC Register) Nursing is among the occupations in the highest demand locally and nationally, and offers excellent opportunities for good pay and benefits, but requiring a high degree of skill. Some nurses, however, choose to raise their skill level even higher, pursuing careers as advanced-practice nurses. [Read more…]

Never Off The Clock: Nurse Saves Man After Near Drowning

(WFMY) Kimberly Meyran’s job is to help people. She’s a nurse at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital (Highpoint, NC)) in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit.

This past weekend, she went to the beach with her friends, thinking she was getting a break from work.

But as she told WFMY News 2’s Morgan Hightower, as a nurse, she’s never really off the clock.

“It’s just something that comes to me naturally. Whether I am at a hospital or outside every day, it’s just instinct.”

Kimberly Meyran’s instinct kicked in while vacationing with her girlfriends at Atlantic Beach’s Fort Macon State Park.

They were lying on the beach when Kimberly noticed a crowd near the water, Saturday.

“I saw the lifeguard run down there so I told my friend I was going to go help them, see if I could help in any way,” explained Meyran.

When she got to the crowd, she found a man who wasn’t breathing. He had been pulled from the water and was unconscious.

“I checked and didn’t feel any pulse at all so that’s when I  told the lifeguard, we need to turn him over and start CPR.”

After two compressions, his pulse started again.

“In the moment, it’s the exact same because CPR is CPR. But afterwards, it was an adrenalin rush,” said Meyran. “It was very surreal.”

Saving lives is a part of Kimberly’s job description, but this was different.

“You don’t expect something like that to happen on your vacation.”

Back home, and getting ready to head back to work, Kimberly received an email saying the man she saved is still in the hospital and that his girlfriend is extremely thankful Kimberly came to his rescue.

“It is my job, I’m supposed to do it whether I’m at work or not. But it is a blessing to hear thank you, just those two words mean a lot,” said Kimberly.

Kimberly says she was told the man fractured and compressed a vertebra in his neck. He was taken to a Greenville hospital and Kimberly says he will likely be there for a few weeks.

His name has not been released and at this point, it is unknown what caused him to nearly drown.

The economics of nursing

(Nurse) Since the federal budget sequester became a reality on April 1, there has not been an immediate effect on nursing and healthcare organizations. No hospitals or long-term care facilities reported nursing layoffs directly related to the cuts, according to state and national industry organizations. [Read more…]

The Important Role of the Nurse in the Mobile Health Ecosystem

(HIT Consultant) It seems as though the discussions around mobile health are increasing at an exponential rate. The technologies! The access to care! The consumer involvement! The physician tools! There are so many exciting possibilities offered by mobile health in the hospital, but the one corner we need to hear more from is nursing. Most often on the front lines of patient care, nurses are the people using the technologies, facilitating the access, involving the consumer, communicating with physicians, and therefore, it’s imperative that they are directly involved in the creation of mHealth. Excluding nurses from the front-end development and deployment of technologies results in wasted time and money, as technologies can only be successful with the early input from end users. [Read more…]