Bill pushes nurse practitioners as solution to primary care shortage

(The Sentinel) Lorraine Bock was a nurse practitioner for 20 years, the bulk of which she served as the head of Bock Family Healthcare off West Trindle Road in Middlesex Township.

Last Thursday, however, Bock closed her family practice because of the costs and requirements associated with being a nurse practitioner in the family care field.

“It’s truly an economic issue,” said Bock, who is president of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and now works in the state’s Legislative Health Services. “But it’s not just a Lorraine Bock issue. No single (nurse practitioner) provider can survive in the environment that exists now.” [Read more…]

New Report: Nurses Practicing Independently in Retail Clinics Deliver Significant Cost Savings for Many Common Conditions

(Market Watch) A new study co-led(1) by UnitedHealth Group’sUNH -0.05% Center for Nursing Advancement shows that nurse practitioners (NPs) practicing in retail clinics have the potential to deliver significant cost savings when treating a range of common conditions, with the greatest savings occurring in states that allow NPs to practice independently. [Read more…]

A day in the life of … a student nurse

Alex Collyer

(The Guardian)No two days are the same for student nurse Alex Collyer who used to work for the ambulance service.

Life as a student nurse means that no two days are the same, whether it’s clinical placements, lectures, presentations or simulated practice. It’s varied and challenging but that’s why I enjoy it. [Read more…]

Unprecedented Demand For Family Docs, Nurse Practitioners As Obamacare Emerges

(Forbes) The family physician is the most highly recruited doctor as the Affordable Care Act and trends in medical economics move more health care service to less expensive outpatient settings,according to a national doctor recruitment firm. [Read more…]

Veteran nurse pays it forward

(Record Bee) When Kristy Hosford began the Mendocino College Nursing Program, she had no idea how the program and the people she would meet would change not only her life, but those of everyone involved in the nursing program. [Read more…]

Advanced Practices Take Nursing Career to Next Level

(OC Register) Nursing is among the occupations in the highest demand locally and nationally, and offers excellent opportunities for good pay and benefits, but requiring a high degree of skill. Some nurses, however, choose to raise their skill level even higher, pursuing careers as advanced-practice nurses. [Read more…]

Who Will Teach Nursing?

(Inside HigherEd) Don’t mention the “R” word to Kathryn Grams. The dean of the School of Nursing at the University of West Georgia is a baby boomer who became a nurse educator more than 20 years ago. Unfortunately, so did most of her colleagues. [Read more…]

Simulation center gives nurses an edge

(UM News) Bentson Center gives realistic, worry-free nursing practice.  In a quiet room, five nursing students examine a 60-year-old man in a hospital gown. After they have taken his history, one listens to his lungs and heart with a stethoscope. [Read more…]

Tips for New Nurses to Transition to Their Jobs

( There is a huge difference between classroom education and an actual job in almost every career, including the nursing field. The transition from college to a nursing job can be very challenging and exciting. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult to manage this transition, especially when nurses have the lives of their patients in their hands. There are lots of ways in which a new graduate can ease their way into a nursing job, and here are some of the best ones: [Read more…]

Nurses head back to school

( Robotic surgery, genetic drugs, organ transplants. The more high-tech the field of medicine becomes, the more the need for high-tech TLC. To meet this need, area schools of nursing are now offering programs to help working registered nurses obtain a bachelor of science degree.

[Read more…]