Junior balances nursing major and club soccer obligations

(The Breeze) For Katrina Berlin, juggling doesn’t stop on the soccer field.

The junior balances her strenuous nursing major with soccer and several other extracurricular responsibilities.

To manage her workload, Berlin follows up most long days of obligation with a trip to the library. It isn’t just a cram for the final exam; it’s a typical day for Berlin.

“It’s a lot of balance having a social life, soccer and nursing,” Berlin said, “but I’m getting better at it.”  [Read more…]

Nursing student puts skills to use and saves a life

(The Beacon) Junior nursing student Jordan Anderson did not think she would be making decisions that would save her client’s life when she arrived at her house back that September day.

Anderson knocked on her client’s door for their first meeting. There was no response. Anderson knocked again. This time, she heard moaning from inside the house. [Read more…]