A day in the life of … a student nurse

Alex Collyer

(The Guardian)No two days are the same for student nurse Alex Collyer who used to work for the ambulance service.

Life as a student nurse means that no two days are the same, whether it’s clinical placements, lectures, presentations or simulated practice. It’s varied and challenging but that’s why I enjoy it. [Read more…]

98% Of Nurses in UK Admit To Lying To Dementia Sufferers: How Ethical Is A False Reality?

(Medical Daily) The slide into dementia is slow and painful, for those suffering directly and the loved ones on the periphery who must provide care while watching a trove of memories gradually erode. Patient care works inside this delicate balance, but going against the wishes of the Alzheimer’s Society, nearly all nurses in a recent survey reported telling the occasional white lie to avoid patient bereavement. [Read more…]

Two-thirds of UK nurses have considered resigning, says survey

(The Guardian) Almost two-thirds of nurses have considered quitting their jobs in the last 12 months because they are so stressed, a survey has found. [Read more…]

New NHS guidelines on doctors and nurses with HIV will change lives

(The Guardian) It is estimated by Saving Lives, an HIV awareness charity, that 110 people are HIV-positive and working in the NHS. It can only be estimated of course, because some – we don’t know how many – don’t know themselves or prefer not to tell anyone about it. [Read more…]

NHS Ward Nurses Say They Are Forced To Ration Care

(Science 2.0) There’s still no free lunch. Finite budgets based on taxes that give equal treatment to everyone aren’t really resulting in equal quality. Instead, most ward nurses in NHS hospitals say they are forced to ration care, or not complete certain aspects of it — including adequate monitoring of patients — because they don’t have enough time, indicates a new paper. [Read more…]

UK Nurses Told to Nurse Their Own Families

(Express.uk.co) Families should carry out nursing duties to ease pressure on hospital staff, a controversial report will demand this week. As well as feeding and washing patients, relatives should be on hand to assist them to the toilet.

Such duties should be made mandatory, like jury service, according to the founder of the think-tank behind the recommendations, which will be sent to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. [Read more…]

Nurses told to focus on compassionate care

(The Guardian) Nurses are being urged to focus on compassionate care, amid concerns that some patients are not receiving the level of treatment to which they are entitled.

Under a new three-year strategy, Compassion in Practice, recruitment, appraisal and training of staff will be based on values as well as technical skill.

Jane Cummings, the chief nursing officer for England, will make a speech in Manchester on Tuesday describing poor care as a “betrayal” of nursing and other related professions. [Read more…]

Thousands of nurses cut from the NHS: official figures

(The UK Telegraph) The figures show that there were 349,219 nurses, midwives and health visitors in April 2012 despite government pledges that front line services would not be hit.

The figures were released as a study by Southampton University found that nursing numbers has a direct effect on the quality of patient care and can put patients at risk.

A survey of 3,000 nurses in 31 NHS trusts carried out by Southampton University and King’s College London found that vital tasks were left undone on wards with fewer nurses, putting patients at risk, the authors said. [Read more…]