Summer Nursing Camp

(Delta Discovery) On August 6th five adventurous local young adults began to explore their career opportunities at the intensive Nursing Summer Camp in Bethel.

The Bethel medical community joined together to show them just how exciting and rewarding a career in nursing can be. For one week Andrea Woods, Danielle Beaver, Faith Anaruk (and Dustin), Anna Vanasse and Charles Strickland participated in a Nursing Summer Camp held at Yuut Elitnaurviat and KuC.

The camp organizers were Annette Rearden and Mary Weiss. Both Annette and Mary teach for the UAA School of Nursing. Annette has lived on the YK Delta and worked at YKHC but now lives in Anchorage. She returned to Bethel for one week to help with the camp. Mary has taught the UAA Nursing program in Bethel for the past 6 years. Each day from 9AM – 4PM the group talked with nurses and nursing students about what it is like to work as a registered nurse and what it is like to go to nursing school.

So many topics were covered. All learned to take blood pressures and pulses. The group also learned about math skills needed to safely give medications, communication techniques, nursing process, and infection control. They learned to use a stethoscope and used the SimMan teaching manikin to listen to heart and lung sounds.

Monday afternoon Donna Bach, Director of YKHC public relations department led the group on a tour of the hospital. During the tour the group was able to talk with several registered nurses in several departments. Tuesday the group toured the Bethel Family Clinic and experienced the differences between nursing in a hospital and nursing in a clinic. Wednesday the Public Health Nurses treated the group to a presentation and tour of the Bethel Public Health Nursing clinic and the group found out about the unique role of public health nurses. Thursday Quentin Simeon, KuC advisor and Jaclyn Cabales, KuC financial advisor gave the group information about the admission process and financial opportunities that are available to them.

The group was invited to take blood pressures and pulses at the Senior Center. On Friday morning the “campers” and the elders shared conversations while the group provided blood pressure screening.

So many people volunteered to meet with the students! Nurses at YK hospital, Bethel Family Clinic, and Public Health Nursing volunteered their time and knowledge. Darilynn Moses, Ann Glasheen, and Joyce Ekamrak came to Yuut Elitnarviat to talk with the group. Quentin Simeon and Jaclyn Cabales provided valuable information about admission to a nursing school. Yuut Elitnaurviat and KuC provided help and support. Thanks to you all! The “campers” stated that they received so much information and it really helped them understand what it is to be a registered nurse.

Anyone interested in applying to the nursing program and/or attending a nursing summer camp in Bethel next summer may contact Mary Weiss (543-4532) or Quentin Simeon (543-4599).

Cutlines: Charles Strickland, Andrea Woods, Faith Anaruk, Anna Vanasse, and Danielle Beaver with their certificates of achievement.

Danielle, Charles, Anna, and Andrea taking blood pressures at the Senior Center