Registered Nurse Salary Among the Highest in Healthcare

(SBwire) The salary of nursing professionals has always been in the news for wrong reasons.  The shortage of nurses has created severe impact in many hospitals around the world. A nurse’s contributory role is so critical that without it no proper medical care in hospitals is possible. Thus the growth potential of nursing profession remains steady and registered nurse salary is revised and increased for the retention of nursing workforce. Young aspirants can now pursue nursing profession without worry about their future. 

The average income of nurse is about $64,690 per year according to the research in 2013 by The increased demand of nurses will widen opportunities and a person can enter this profession with an expectation of high starting salary. A registered nurse salary will be competitive, apart from which it provides growth opportunity and job security. The nursing profession is expected to add more than 700,000 jobs by the year 2020.

The website quotes the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “at the higher end of this spectrum, registered nurses were making upwards of $95,000 per year, while lower end of the spectrum showed salary levels around $44,000”

The registered nurse salary is less when compared to occupational therapists or physical therapists but they can bring home more salary than paramedics and medical assistants. Specialized industries in nursing profession provide higher end pay scale for registered nurses. Oakland, San Jose, Salinas, San Francisco and Napa are five top cities in California which offer better working opportunities for registered nurses. Experience and knowledge also act as a deciding factor for fixing nurse salary.

The registered nurse salary mainly depends on the type of education and medical institution selected by the aspirants. Registered nurses should pass certification test for obtaining RN license and without that nursing practice will not be possible. The registered nurse salary ranges between $45,000 and $ 95,000 depending on the location and other factors.