Ohio Nurses Association Questions Impact of Issue 3 with the Supreme Court’s Decision to Uphold Health Care Reform

(MarketWatch.com) The Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) is questioning the impact of last year’s State Issue 3 after today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act. The decision included maintaining the “minimum coverage” provision that will provide access to healthcare for the 50 million adults and children in the U.S. who currently lack adequate coverage.

Ohio voters cast a vote of non-support for provisions of the ACA in November of last year by passing State Issue 3. ONA was part of the broad-based coalition that opposed Issue 3- the measure that ultimately revised Ohio’s Constitution to say that no law can force someone to have insurance-because of unintended consequences it presented to nurses and health programs in Ohio. While the measure passed by voters would not prevent implementation of the ACA provisions, regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision, the Amendment’s broad definition of “health care system” could still threaten a wide range of health programs, practices and policies in Ohio.

Notwithstanding the fallout from Ohio’s constitutional change last year, ONA is hopeful that the ACA will create more opportunities for RNs to lead or participate in innovative, team-based care delivery models, such as accountable care organizations and medical homes, with incentives for nurses’ expertise in care coordination. Additionally, the law, provides funding to expand nurse-managed health centers and for nursing education and workforce development, and also provides for improved health care quality, supporting expanded primary care and improved health care quality for Ohioans.

About the Ohio Nurses AssociationThe Ohio Nurses Association is a member-driven, full-service professional association and is the premier professional organization for Ohio’s registered nurses. Organized in 1904 to secure a Nurse Practice Act to protect the citizens of Ohio, it has been promoting and protecting nurses, the nursing profession and those who receive nursing care for over one hundred years.