Nurses focus on care

( Rockingham County held its third annual Nursing Symposium last Friday in collaboration with Annie Penn Hospital, Morehead Hospital and Rockingham Community College (RCC). The symposium began at 8 a.m. Friday on the RCC campus and continued for most of the day.

Thresa Brown, clinical nurse specialist for Annie Penn Hospital, said, “This is the third year we’ve done the symposium and it is probably the first true effort of all three entities in doing something for nursing in the county.”

This year, 130 participants focused on nursing as an art and a science.

“We have done evidence-based practice in the past,” Brown said. “We’re still focusing on that, but more (on) the nursing as an art and a science.”

Brown said the evidence is the practice of the art. The focus of the symposium was the balance of the calling against the science of nursing. Brown said it is a focus on how a nurse can be scientific and professional, but still caring.

The symposium had nurses and nursing students submit poster presentations. The presentations were submitted in abstract to a committee which reviewed the submissions before accepting the topic.

Brown said several of the posters have been in national presentations. She said many of the students at RCC participate in the symposium as their senior project and because of this, their posters stand out more than others because of the extra work they put into them.