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(NurseFuture) Q & A with Joe Manotti, Vice President –

What is & what makes it unique to Pennsylvania? connects Pennsylvania nurses, student nurses, health care employers and nurse educators through a single website that provides value to each group.

We began developing when the Commonwealth’s nursing shortage was at its peak.  Employers were having difficulty recruiting and retaining nurses who were in such great demand.  At the same time, nursing schools were filled to capacity and turning away applicants due to an even greater shortage of nurse faculty.

We wanted to create solutions – provide more effective and lower-cost recruiting tools for employers while helping schools hire faculty to teach tomorrow’s nurses.  We wanted to wrap these solutions up in a common resource that also provides nurses with career enhancement tools and a streamlined job search experience.

When the job market began to tighten, we understood that the number of nurses needed to fill vacancies – including future vacancies due to nurses who were preparing to retire – was much larger than the number of new nurses who were graduating. We believed that this discrepancy would only worsen going forward.  It was clear to us, and many in the nursing community, that the nation’s sagging job market was only masking a persistent and potentially greater nursing shortage that is already reappearing in some areas of the Commonwealth.  So we continued our work to develop the resources needed, relative to today’s job market, for job placement and career development in cooperation with the nursing community, employers and schools.

Our newest initiative is to develop a statewide social learning network for faculty, students and recent graduates to use for collaboration.  The network can also be used by employers to post internship opportunities for job seekers and to exchange relocation information.   The network is in its infancy and we continue to develop it to ensure that it is inclusive and useful.

What else makes different from other job sites?

There are many sites out there that provide job boards or industry news.  Some are large and unfocused, like Monster.  Others offer general information and a broad collection of job openings that are mostly outside of Pennsylvania.  But none focus specifically on providing resources for Pennsylvania stakeholders while creating significant value for each group.

We only offer Pennsylvania job openings for Pennsylvania nurses.  And we offer job postings to employers at significantly lower rates than any other site, while also providing hyper-targeted exposure for those postings only to Pennsylvania nurses who could be potential hires.  This means employers are paying a lower price for job postings that are much more effective.  We also offer free job postings to any school looking to hire a nurse educator.

It’s worth mentioning that one out of every $3 earned by will be used to directly support the Nursing Foundation of Pennsylvania.  This is another example of the value that we provide to the nursing community, including employers.  When they advertise or post a job on our site, employers will enjoy lower rates while helping to support nurses who are working for them today and in the future.

We see ourselves as a partner to both employers and nurses — so it is important for us to provide measurable value to both groups.

Job seekers are encouraged to visit to begin their job search today. Health care employers interesting in posting or advertising job openings can open an account online within minutes and begin posting jobs immediately. We are also offering employers a 20% discount on job postings through the end of 2012 with discount code “NURSE2012”.