Nurse Scholarships

Scholarships are the best kind of financial aid because – unlike a student loan – they don’t have to repaid. Other forms of “gift aid” include grants, which are also a more preferable way to pay for your nurse education than any student loan.

If you are interested in securing a scholarship to help pay for your nurse education, keep these simple steps in mind:

  • Do your research. Use this nurse scholarship page and other online resources to look for scholarships for which you could be eligible.
  • Analyze yourself. Figure out whether you fit in with an available nursing or other applicable scholarship, such as an academic-based scholarship, or other unique or obscure categories, including minority scholarships.
  • Work on your applications. Start early and watch the deadlines. Be sure to fill in the entire applications. Scholarship applications can require you to fill out forms, answer questions about yourself, write essays, and more. There might be a lot of work involved, but with the average student loan debt for a graduating RN exceeding $20,000 they can be worth it!

Check out the many nursing scholarships, organized by category, that you might eligible to receive:

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