Nurse saves Marine with RPG in his leg

( It’s an incredible story of heroism.  A team of soldiers put themselves in danger to rescue a wounded Marine who was hurt after a live rocket propelled grenade got embedded in his leg.  It happened in Afghanistan earlier this year.

The Marine needed to be airlifted to safety, but any slight movement could have set the explosive off. But the soldiers agreed they had to save him.

The medic who treated the man once he was flown to safety explained what he saw.

“And when I first came out there to him, he asked me why everybody was away from him and I said, ‘Because you have an RPG in your leg.’ I held his hand and I, obviously, realized he was in a lot of danger and I said, ‘I promise you I will not leave you until that thing is out of your leg.’ And then we started to talk a little bit and I gave him some pain medication, waiting for the explosive ordinance disposal guy to come out,” said Lt. Commander James Gennari of the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps.

The rescued Marine is now back in the U.S. and is recovering.