New nurses receive a lot of attention

(Bismark Tribune) Although both Bismarck hospitals recruit experienced nurses, officials say there are benefits to new nurses as well.

Jan Kamphuis, chief nursing officer at Sanford, said new nurses “have learned the latest and greatest … when you pair them with experienced nurses you get such a phenomenol dynamic for the patient.”

Recently graduated nurses receive extra support at both hospitals.

At St. Alexius, new nurses may have months of orientation. A new nurse in a critical care unit could have up to a year of ongoing orientation, said Rosanne Schmidt, chief of nursing at St. Alexius.

Sharon Nelson, assistant professor at the Sanford College of Nursing, said new nurses at Sanford Bismarck are put in a residency program for four to six months. There are preceptors in each unit and Nelson meets with the nurses at least once a month to see if they want additional education.

“It’s a great program, I think, for us to have,” she said.