Local nurse’s invention used for the first time at Highland Hospital

(WHEC) A brand new piece of equipment was used for the first time ever at Highland Hospital Tuesday. It’s a tool for patients who undergo robotic surgeries. The device was also created by a nurse who works there.

It is called the Alimed Trendelenburg positioner. The positioner works as a sort of harness for patients to keep them in place. For many surgeries that require the use of robotic instruments, the patient must be tipped almost completely upside down. But tried and true methods of making sure patients don’t slip when they’re in that position has never been created until now. 

Operating room nurse Tamra West saw the way patients were positioned needed to be improved. She spent the last four years working to get her idea patented and manufactured. Now thanks to her device, not only are patients more secure when they are on the operating table, but they are also more comfortable.

West said, “This helps to make sure that they’re safe and protected. The foam protects their arms from anybody leaning against them. It protects their chest and redistributes the tension on the straps from when we tip them.”

The new devices got sent to Highland Hospital Tuesday morning and were used for the first time in a number of surgeries as soon as they came in.

Nurses say this now gives them uniform protocol when it comes to positioning patients on the OR table and it is especially helpful when they are dealing with larger patients.

The devices are designed to be used only once. Doctors will use them and throw them out as soon as a surgery is complete. The company that makes the device, Alimed, is going to be distributing them to hospitals across the world.