Leader in Travel Nursing Jobs, Aureus Medical, Advises Travel RNs on Staying Connected

(SFgate.com) In recognition of National Nurses Week, Aureus Medical Group (web: aureusmedical.com), a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, releases recommendations for those working in travel nursing on how to best stay in touch with loved ones while on assignment. National Nurses Week is celebrated annually, May 6-12.

Medical careers in travel nursing offer a wide range of personal and professional rewards – the opportunity to experience different locations across the country, meet new people, and broaden skill sets with each assignment. A travel nurse also has the freedom to choose where she wants to travel and has the ability to take time off between assignments, if she wishes.

While the length of an assignment may vary, a typical travel nursing job ranges between 13 and 26 weeks. Following are suggestions for remaining close while working far away:

Utilize Technology 
Gone are the days of relying solely on snail mail or expensive long-distance phone calls to stay in contact with those in one’s circle. Today there are all sorts of digital tools available to provide an instant and personal connection, no matter where the assignment is located. A travel nurse can take advantage of face-to-face calling services such as iPhone FaceTime and Skype. Unlimited text messaging also offers a quick and convenient way to communicate.

Plan Visits 
The excitement of travel can extend to those beyond the travel nurse herself. While a travel nurse makes many new friends while on location, there’s nothing like exploring an area with a spouse or best friend. Unlike other careers that may involve last minute or short term travel, the length of a travel nursing assignment allows for loved ones to plan visits. Having others come for a stay is fun for the guests and the host.

Bring Them Along 
An option a travel nurse may consider is for friends or family to join her for the duration or a portion of the assignment. Whether traveling with a spouse, children, or close friend, a nurse should keep in mind that she would be responsible for additional travel expenses and costs associated with accommodating guests, such as extra bedrooms or other amenities.

Maintaining relationships while working in the field of travel nursing can be made easier with just a bit of pre-planning. Staying in contact, whether through use of online tools or arranging for others to share the experience on location, lessens the distance from home.