Leader in Medical Staffing Highlights Four Things to Know About Travel Nursing Jobs Read

(SFGate.com) Aureus Medical Group, a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, shares insight on the four things every travel nurse should know about the rewarding, yet fast-paced career of travel nursing. This list of basic information may be of help to those considering pursuing a medical career in nursing or for those who are making a transition from a traditional RN to a travel professional.

1. Travel nursing requires experience.

Different travel nurse recruitment agencies and hospitals require various amounts of experience. Most will demand a minimum of one year of RN experience in a hospital setting. Others will require experience with charting software or a minimum number of years in a specialty area.

2. Assignments are typically 13 weeks.

Most travel nursing assignments in hospitals are 13 weeks, or just over three months. Some assignments will be closer to 26 weeks, and others may be as long as one year. A travel nurse will always know, upfront, the length of the assignment. If the nurse loves the area she is in and would like to stay longer, she may contact her Account Manager with the healthcare staffing agency to discuss the possibility of an extended assignment.

3. Travel nursing is a flexible career.

Travel nursing allows an RN to work where and when she wants. A wide variety of locations are available, whether she wants to visit a big city, spend time on the West Coast or elsewhere. Furthermore, a travel nurse has the unique opportunity to either take time off between contracts or keep working continuously.

4. Housing is provided.

Most reputable travel nursing agencies provide free, private housing located near the healthcare facility. The agency covers the cost of rent and furnishings, including furniture, bedding and kitchen supplies. Apartment complexes may also feature additional amenities such as tennis courts and swimming pools.

Travel nursing is a career that is ideal for RNs who enjoy traveling the country, meeting new people, and broadening their skills. Those who are interested in exploring travel nursing will best position themselves for rewarding and successful healthcare careers by fully understanding what the profession entails and requires.