Find Work As A Self-Employed Nurse

(Online Business Expert) Getting work as a self-employed nurse can be very difficult, especially if you are just starting to think about leaving the hospital environment and work on your own. Some nurses can pull this off, while others just won’t be able to cut it. You need to ensure that there is enough potential work for you to make a living, and you need to get yourself out there so people know about your services and expertise. Working for yourself can be very rewarding, but only if you do it right. Follow the tips below to start getting some clients. Try doing both hospital work and freelance work to get a feel for working for yourself.

Make Brochures

It may seem a little peculiar, but brochures can work wonders if you are trying to be a freelance nurse. Brochures let people know that you are available for work. Brochures also show off your skills if you write them correctly. Make sure to add your credentials, experience and capabilities to the brochure. While some graphics can help, people will be more interested in what you can do.

Start off by printing just a few and give them to your target market. Gauge their response. Are you frequently asked the same questions? If so, then put those questions and their answers in the brochure. Do people feel uninspired about the brochure? Ask them why and then make some changes.

Keep changing your brochure until both you and your target market are happy.

Talk to People

One thing that holds most nursing freelancers back is that they are afraid of telling people what they can do. If you know of someone who can benefit from your service, then let that person know. He or she may desperately need a nurse at home, but may be uncomfortable with hiring a new one.

Let people know that you are available outside of the hospital. This is the most direct way to market. If the person knows you are capable and likes your nursing style, then this can instantly get you some work.

Make a Website

People often search online for freelance nurses, so making a website is a great way to gain exposure. Since you will only be able to serve a small area, unless you are willing to travel to other states for work, you should make sure that your website is optimized for local searches.

For example, use the keyword, “Boston MA nurse” if you are serving the Boston area. This will ensure that you only get requests for your service area.

Join an Agency

This is the most expensive, but also the easiest, way to find freelance work as a nurse. An agency has many contacts, so it can quickly find work for you. You will usually be expected to pay a consultancy fee, or the agency will charge this to the client.

While you will often make less per hour than if you found the client yourself, an agency has a number of clients and relationships that will make it easy to find work.


Being a self-employed nurse allows you to work for yourself and not worry about the hospital environment, but there are certain challenges. Follow the above tips, and you should be able to find work soon enough. Try it out and see if you can find work outside the hospital.