Encouraging doctoral education among nurses

(Healthcare Traveler) The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) New Careers in Nursing (NCIN) program has launched a project to identify and encourage nurses who are interested in pursuing doctoral degrees, and to support doctoral nursing students in their studies.

The Doctoral Advancement in Nursing (DAN) project is currently collecting data — including information from nursing students, nursing school deans and faculty, and other health care professional education associations — to determine the best ways to increase the number of PhD and DNP-prepared nurses in the United States. The DAN project is scheduled to issue a white paper in the summer of 2013 that includes strategies and resources to support doctoral advancement.

Among the issues that will be outlined are: processes for identifying schools of nursing offering doctoral programs; student recruitment and retention strategies that can be used by schools of nursing offering doctoral programs; comprehensive approaches to leadership and scholarship development for students; and suggestions for models of innovative doctoral curriculum.

The DAN project is also working on a series of webinars to begin in early summer, 2013, for both potential doctoral students and for faculty and clinical practice colleagues who are interested in supporting and mentoring students.