Couple Names Baby After Nurse

(Valley News Live) What’s in a name? Some people are named after a grandparent, another loved one, but one couple named their new-born baby girl after their nurse. But in order to understand more about Baby Karynda and Nurse Corinda, there’s someone else you need to know.

Born at 7 lbs. 3 oz, 21.5 inches long and toes perfect for a pedicure. Baby Karynda came into this world early, just under 36 weeks. But for Ron and Michelle Wullstein, getting here, has been a bit of a miracle.

“It was the most breathtaking beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed,” says Ron.

“I think we have a greater appreciation for her after everything that’s happened,” says Michelle.

The couple was left heartbroken two years ago when Michelle miscarried for the first time. They tried again three months later with Zachary.

“Her water broke at home at 35 and-a-half weeks,” says Ron. “We came to the hospital and they couldn’t find a heartbeat.”

After 21 hours of labor, due to complications, a second loss.

“That was tough, your whole world just falls apart,” says Ron.

“You start to feel a little defeated like. Maybe this isn’t meant to be. Maybe we’re not suppose to have a baby,” says Michelle.

But during those last hours, overwhelmed with grief, right next to Michelle and Ron was nurse Corinda VanDyke. It was her first day after undergoing labor orientation.

“I felt like I was strong for them all day,” says Corinda.

She stayed with the couple through the night. Listened, and let them cry — the rock Michelle and Ron needed, even after they left the hospital.

“She’s been kind of been our angel through all of this,” says Ron.

When the couple decided to try one last time, they knew who needed to be in the delivery room with them. The same room where Zachary was delivered. It was close to what would have been his first birthday.

“We wanted to be in the same room because we knew he’d be there looking over us,” says Ron.

“To hear her cry was the best sound in the world,” says Michelle.

And when it came to a name, it was a no-brainer — Karynda with a “K” and that special ‘Y.’

“We spelled it a little differently, got to put a ‘Y’ in because Zachary had a ‘Y’ in it,” Ron says.

“It just takes your breath away,” says Corinda. “It makes me know that I’m meant to do what I’m doing.”

A journey that’s turned this group into a family — as they remember with blue ribbons and tattoos — the one they’ve lost. Now, Zachary’s memory lives on in a name, a nurse and a sister.

“Just to wake up with her everyday, it’s wonderful,” says Michelle.

Nurse Corinda says one thing she’s looking forward to is telling Baby Karynda their story when she grows up.