Nursing becomes more specialized to meet market demand

(Sun Herald) KC Arnold always knew she wanted to become a nurse like her mother. After more than 12 years providing care as a nurse at Keesler AFB, Arnold found herself suddenly out of a job and needing care and reassurance herself to find a new path. [Read more…]

Nurse Practitioners Try New Tack To Expand Foothold In Primary Care

(KHN) Nurse practitioners say efforts to expand primary care to millions of Americans under the health law are hampered by insurance industry practices that limit or exclude their participation. [Read more…]

Nurse practitioners vs. doctors: A medical turf war?

(Daily Caller) Some characterize the latest showdown between nurse practitioners and physicians in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and Texas as a turf war — a medical fight like the farmers versus ranchers. [Read more…]

New NHS guidelines on doctors and nurses with HIV will change lives

(The Guardian) It is estimated by Saving Lives, an HIV awareness charity, that 110 people are HIV-positive and working in the NHS. It can only be estimated of course, because some – we don’t know how many – don’t know themselves or prefer not to tell anyone about it. [Read more…]

More Than Two-Thirds of Nurses Use Their Smartphones at Work

( Doctors may have led the medical BYOD revolution, but nurses have followed their examples. According to a report from Spyglass Consulting group, 69 percent of nurses bring their own devices to work. [Read more…]

Advanced Practices Take Nursing Career to Next Level

(OC Register) Nursing is among the occupations in the highest demand locally and nationally, and offers excellent opportunities for good pay and benefits, but requiring a high degree of skill. Some nurses, however, choose to raise their skill level even higher, pursuing careers as advanced-practice nurses. [Read more…]

NHS Ward Nurses Say They Are Forced To Ration Care

(Science 2.0) There’s still no free lunch. Finite budgets based on taxes that give equal treatment to everyone aren’t really resulting in equal quality. Instead, most ward nurses in NHS hospitals say they are forced to ration care, or not complete certain aspects of it — including adequate monitoring of patients — because they don’t have enough time, indicates a new paper. [Read more…]

The economics of nursing

(Nurse) Since the federal budget sequester became a reality on April 1, there has not been an immediate effect on nursing and healthcare organizations. No hospitals or long-term care facilities reported nursing layoffs directly related to the cuts, according to state and national industry organizations. [Read more…]

The Important Role of the Nurse in the Mobile Health Ecosystem

(HIT Consultant) It seems as though the discussions around mobile health are increasing at an exponential rate. The technologies! The access to care! The consumer involvement! The physician tools! There are so many exciting possibilities offered by mobile health in the hospital, but the one corner we need to hear more from is nursing. Most often on the front lines of patient care, nurses are the people using the technologies, facilitating the access, involving the consumer, communicating with physicians, and therefore, it’s imperative that they are directly involved in the creation of mHealth. Excluding nurses from the front-end development and deployment of technologies results in wasted time and money, as technologies can only be successful with the early input from end users. [Read more…]

PSNA Call for Abstracts

(PSNA) The Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA) and the PSNA Environmental Health Committee have issued a Call for Abstracts for the 2013 Annual Fall Summit to be held October 18, 2013, at The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center, Malvern. Interested poster participants are encouraged to submit an abstract following the prescribed guidelines. No more than two (2) posters may be submitted by the same individual. [Read more…]