Campaign to Improve Nurse-Patient Ratio in Hospitals

(TopNewsUS) Regarding the reduced populace of emergency department nursing staff at the Cobar and Bathurst hospitals, there seems to be a ray of hope now. The recently formed Nurses Association Campaign has been addressed to look into the matter and take necessary action as required.

In December, a message was sent to the Western Local Health District from the nurses in Bathurst asking to introduce more staff in the local hospital’s ED.

As said by the union’s general secretary Brett Holmes, with this campaign a voting will be initiated by nurses next week following which provisions will be made to have a balanced nurse to patient ratios in country hospitals. He further added: “We believe with an adequate nurse-patient ratio in our emergency departments, issues like those and that have arisen at Bathurst and Cobar could be properly addressed”.

There are times when large numbers of patients are lined up for emergency department admissions and then sometimes there is an average list to go. Sometimes, patients are assigned in such areas where the staff is not sufficient. So all this needs to be properly reviewed and analyzed for a normal functioning.

Along with a balanced nurse-patient ratio in smaller hospitals, intensive care and emergency departments, the campaign is also looking forward to have a 2.5% pay rise.